BMW R1150GS common failures and preventative mods

Whilst the R1150GS is fairly indestructible, there are a few components that are known to fail. The modifications listed here are intended to protect the bike from failing when riden for sustained periods over poor road conditions with an increased load.

A big thank-you to Timolgra from UKGSer for these tips. Tim you are a legend!

Suspension, third party aftermarket suspension is not necessarily but an up-rated spring on the rear is recommended. High tensile bolt through the bottom mount also required, take a spare!

Reinforce your rear sub frame, which is known to crack after prolonged riding on corrugated surfaces, especially when overloaded. An extra bash plate on the main stand offers extra protection to the sump guard.

The steering stops can break; many recommend a Touratech hard part. Tim uses a home made rubber bump stop from an old knobbly tyre cut into a ‘H’ shape and cable tied to the fork legs. A rubber door wedges can also be used, glue them to the front wishbone where the forks make contact also.

There are many well document cases of the brake servos failing! I’ve removed my servo. If you don’t want to remove the servo, at least take instructions on how to so. The space where the servo was removed from can be used to store spares such as air/oil filters.

For extended trips, check the battery condition or fit a new one.

The rear wheel bearings are known to fail, so know how to replace them. For twin spark models, the plug cap/coil pack can fail so take spares. Replace or greaseparalever bearings, again take spares. The small wiring loom from ignition switch on the left-hand side is prone to failure.

K&N air filters clog with dust and you can’t shake them out as easily as paper filters. Greasing the inside of the air box will trap excess sand and prolong the life of the air filter.


Check out the full list of the spares we are taking with us.

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