There are 3 main parts to our preparation section. “Red tape” and all the boring stuff which is needed for a long  trip. Bike and travel checklists, we’ve listed everything that we are taking with us in the checklist section. Thirdly, all the fun stuff that you can do beforehand to improve your riding skills.

Red tape

  • Visas – When travelling through Africa, visas are more of a concern that in other regions. In fact, they turned out to be one of the biggest headaches of our trip.
    As most visas require you be in the country within 3 months of issue, we were not able to get them all before we left the UK.  We did manage to get a few of the problem visas such as DRC, but not getting our Angolan visa caused serious problems.
    Regulations are constantly changing so make sure your information is up-to-date, Horizons Unlimited is a good place for this.
    Many countries require your visa to be issued in your country of residence; e.g. DRC, Ghana, Nigeria and Angola. Angola is more problematic as it requires you enter the country within 2 months, which is difficult if you are travelling north to south.The following links are very useful:


  • Carnet de Passage – We travelled with Carnets. These temporary vehicle import duty documents are not essential but they do make border crossing a lot easier. They only cost a few hundred quid, but can work out a lot very costly for new and more expensive vehicles. More important for southern and eastern Africa
  • Motor Insurance – We decided to obtain 3rd party motor insurance en-route. Policy coverage is typically divided into regions so you don’t need to get a new policy in every single country. Knowing where to pick up the new policies for the next region will make you life a lot easier. Read our more detailed post on motor insurance.
  • Travel Insurance – Essential. Cover levels are important, ensure you have repatriation cover.
  • Vaccinations – We have both completed most advisable vaccinations, about 10 jabs in total. Some are just advisable, some mandatory for visa purposes. Read our more detailed post on vaccinations.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing more on the visa situation.

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