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Riders for health

Ah yes, it’s easy to forget there’s a whole world of problems out there when you’re on an adventure of a lifetime. Actually, we’re in Africa, who are we kidding – we are regularly exposed to the problems these people experience as part of their every day lives.

And so on a quiet day on a lonely Zambian highway in the middle of nowhere we zoomed passed yet another local motorcycle putting along merrily. One thing made me give this particular rider a double-take. Aside from the fact that he was actually wearing a helmet, I thought I recognised the logo on his backpack. I came to stop and asked him to do the same as he approached me. He obliged and after confirming the logo of the backpack was for Riders For Health, I rather redundantly asked him if he worked for Riders for Health. He did indeed and he introduced himself as Kenneth. We shook hands and I told him how we were supporting his charity for our trip. I gave him my card with my email address and told him about our website.