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The roads entering Cameroon, if you can call them that, were an absolute mess. The 30km of rutted mud tracks from Ekong to Etu took us 3 hours and this was the dry season. It would have been completely impassable in the wet.

The road improved marginally as we continued to Bamenda in the western highlands. We rejoined the main route from Nigeria and hit the motorway, brand new tar with awesome twisties through mountain passes and tropical rain forest. Amazing riding

Brand new tar in the Cameroonian Highlands


That’s what I would call the unified region of Togo, Benin and Nigeria when I become president of the world, but let’s just keep this as the title of the blog post for now.

After our extended stay in Accra (and my short visit to SA for Gareth and Carrie’s wedding), we did the 188km journey to Lome, Togo. To us this was exhausting, so we decided to take the next day off. We stayed a couple of nights at the Hotel Gallion and explored the city. We perused the massive city market and made a visit to the famous fetish market, where you can buy all manner of dried animals for your white magic and Voodoo rituals. Apparently all the remains are derived from animals that have died from natural causes. Apparently.