Riders for health

Ah yes, it’s easy to forget there’s a whole world of problems out there when you’re on an adventure of a lifetime. Actually, we’re in Africa, who are we kidding – we are regularly exposed to the problems these people experience as part of their every day lives.

And so on a quiet day on a lonely Zambian highway in the middle of nowhere we zoomed passed yet another local motorcycle putting along merrily. One thing made me give this particular rider a double-take. Aside from the fact that he was actually wearing a helmet, I thought I recognised the logo on his backpack. I came to stop and asked him to do the same as he approached me. He obliged and after confirming the logo of the backpack was for Riders For Health, I rather redundantly asked him if he worked for Riders for Health. He did indeed and he introduced himself as Kenneth. We shook hands and I told him how we were supporting his charity for our trip. I gave him my card with my email address and told him about our website.

After a very brief discussion under a heavily bruised sky, Kenneth said to me, “Can I go now?”. This man clearly had important medical business to attend to so I reluctantly said goodbye. You go, Kenneth!

In the space of a few minutes with this chance encounter, I was swiftly reminded of how this trip is not just about the good times. It was also testimony that Riders for Health are out there, getting on with their business despite the interruptions of some crazy mzungu biker in the middle of nowhere.

This is also an excellent opportunity to remind all of you fine people that these guys operate solely on charitable support. A small amount of foreign currency goes a long way out here, trust me. Except for the beers, those could always be cheaper. So here’s a quick reminder of the link to our donations page.

And also, for those of you that don’t know, thanks to the brilliant presentation done by Jessica and Jamie Barbour for their school Surbiton High School, Riders For Health has been selected as their school’s charity of the year. Thank you very much girls!

Kenneth’s need to get going is palpable: