Pikipiki Safamerica

Yes, the title says it all, Pikipiki Safari lives on! Well, one half of it at least.

Not being quite ready to return back to London and the land of the big smoke, I’ve decided to carry on. Unfortunately Adrian has already returned to London so it’s just going to be me, Russell, on my own this time.

So the big question, where to next? As with the last trip, I’m after countries with corrupt officials and places where people have little understanding of the English Language. So it’s obvious really, South America. Fortunately there are plenty of overlanders there already, so I’ll be teaming up with other interesting characters along the way.

The plan is to start in Buenos Aires, Argentina and travel west to Chile, then north through Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, finishing in Colombia. That’s 6 countries covering 12,000km in around 4 months.

My plane ticket is booked for next week, yikes! My bike has already been crated and will arrive a few days after me.

More to follow soon, but please excuse me for now as I have to quickly learn to speak Spanish…

Bike being crated and freighted to Buenos Aires.