We have both gone for hard luggage, it’s a fair bit heavier, but we don’t fancy the damaging our kit when the bike falls over. And we do expect the bikes to fall over, a lot…


My bike came with the original BMW System luggage, which I did not feel up to the job. They will handle for your average one or two week trip, but aren’t very water or dust proof. Trust me, there is nothing worse than putting on wet clothes in the morning every day for 2 weeks.

When replacing the panniers I considered a few different makes and models. I wanted something solid, but on a budget. The options I considered were I looked at Hepco Becker, Touratech, Metal Mule and Stahlkoffer.

In the end I went for the Stahlkoffers, which I found to be simple but tough. They are marginally cheaper than they other models. They have tough, rugged, no-frills and easy to repair components. Boxes feel sturdy and you can remove the lids without first removing everything that is strapped to them.

Stahlkoffer is a small company based in the West Midlands of England run by a nice bloke called Bernie. The panniers are built to order, so you have quite a few options for pimping your panniers. I have 2 water bottles fitted on the back of the left and a Jerry can mount on the back of the right. I also ordered a fake floor panel for hiding important documents. The fake floor panel is quite basic, if you look you can see its fake, but it will prevent most smash and grab incidents.


Hepco and Becker Executive Aluminium Panniers.  I originally bought these back in 2007 a the trip around Norway.  Not my first choice for tackling Africa, but this is something too expensive to change now, so they will have to do

Hepco and Becker Executive Aluminium Panniers

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