Disaster! Adrian’s accident

Bike accident

Not how it's supposed to be

Fate, if it exists, has dealt me a very cruel blow indeed. My Monday commute was very rudely interrupted by an accident. It was one of those accidents that are the equivalent of winning the lottery.

An incident on the other side of the road, caused by a truck rear-ending a taxi, forced the taxi right into my lane in a millisecond. I braked VERY hard, but not hard enough and I collided with the side of a black cab that was now parked sideways in the middle of my lane.

I fortunately didn’t sustain any major injuries. The force of the impact bent both my thumbs down to my wrists spraining my thumb knuckles and wrists. When the paramedics asked me if I was ok and if I had any injuries, I stuck up both my thumbs. They took this as a good sign and left me alone.

So BMW Battersea have the beast and are compiling a quote for the damage. My biggest fear is they rack up such a bill for the repairs, the insurance company decides to right it off. I can only hope and pray it’s not that serious. Update to follow.