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Muy buenos Buenos Aires

Ah yes, Buenos Aires. It is hard not to like the place; with its gorgeous architecture, good food and beautiful people. Very beautiful people. It is just how I imagined it to be, very European, the Spanish influence extremely noticeable. I arrived a few days before the bike which gave me some time to do the tourist thing.

Pleased to meet you, meat to please you.

3 weeks to go!

In exactly 3 weeks time we’ll be boarding the Portsmouth ferry to Santander.

Yes, we are cheating a bit by catching the ferry straight to Spain, by passing France. The ferry works out quite a bit cheaper when you take the costs of the Paige tolls roads into account.

All the trip prep is ticking over smoothly, carnet applications have been submitted and progressing smoothly. We’ve already obtained visa to as far as Ghana. Nigeria to DRC visas are planned for the next 2 weeks. The remaining visas, from Angola onwards, will need to be picked up en route, joy.

The bikes are all sorted, baring one final service. We have a bunch of new kit that we are breaking in and so far all is good.

Watching this space!