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Almost Famous

Here at Pikipiki we are regularly stalked by the paparazzi. Here are two articles in local South African newspapers that recently featured our African trip.

The Final Push To Cape Town

Having been extremely well looked after by various members of the Jonson clan over the last few weeks, we continued on our final leg of the trip towards Cape Town. By now we are very much on the main South African tourist trail. Roads are good, accommodation excellent and the food even better.

Our first stop was Jefferys bay, the world famous surf destination. We rode down to Island Vibe backpackers, which is described by a local guidebook as “lively”. Full of surfers and bikini clad surfer groupies, the later outnumber the former by about 3 to 1. And so we checked in, for 3 days. At Island Vibe they partied hard, all day, every day.

The view from our room at Jefferys Bay

South Africa Part 1 – The Big Easy

Completing our final border crossing of this trip and entering South Africa was such an emotional experience. This time I was experiencing the sites and roads of my country of birth on a motorcycle, a mode of transport I had only become passionate about after leaving South Africa over 11 years ago.

We stopped in the small border town of Messina for some supplies. This town is nothing special by South African standards, but for us it felt like they had lined the streets with a welcome party. We walked into a Spar supermarket and stocked up on nostalgia. Brands we knew from our childhood filled our basket faster than you can say “howzit my bru”.