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Nut Shot, or Nouakchott as the locals call it

Sit on an oven, in a bigger oven with a hair dryer blowing in your face and you get an idea of what riding conditions are like here.

Shove it up Rabat

Actually, that’s a bit harsh, Rabat is a pretty cool city. Everyone’s friendly (except for our hotel manager), the hassling is minimal and everything works. They even have a modern tram system.

Rabat, Morocco and the start of Africa

We have stopped off in Rabat, the capital of Morocco; for a few days to arrange our Mauritanian visas. Rabat has a distinctly European feel, it’s clean, laid back and there is far less hassle than in most other Moroccan cities. We were planning to just pop in, get the visas and leave. But as we arrived on the weekend and with the embassy closed, we stayed longer than planned. And it has been a lot nicer than expected. The medina is quite new, at only 400 years old it is not as impressive as the medinas’ of Marrakesh or Fes, but when the new marina is complete I can see more tourists coming.