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DRC and the curse of the Angolan visa

The plan was to head straight down to Matadi on the DRC border, where we would pick up our Angolan visas, but we had heard that people had recently been turned away and told to return to Kinshasa. So we decided to stay in Kinshasa and try to get the visa there. This would mean a few more days in one of the world’s most dirty, dangerous and expensive cities.

During our previous unsuccessful Angolan visa attempt in Brazza, they had asked for a typed letter of application, colour passport photocopies, yellow fever certificates and sworn statements that we would not stay on in Angola (unlikely). They also wanted copies of our onward Namibian visa, which we said was not required for UK citizens. Clearly not enough for them, they then asked for a letter from the Namibian embassy saying we did not need visas. Basically they just did not want us there.

Do the Congo

After our session in the mud, our trip from Kinkala to Brazzaville was over in a flash. The road was excellent, and being a weekend, relatively quiet. We made straight for Hotel Hippocampe, where it is known they offer refuge to weary overland travellers such as ourselves. The owners Olivier and his wife Catharine let us stay despite the hotel being closed for renovations, and we gladly accepted.