About Pikipiki Safari

Pikipiki : mo·tor·cy·cle [moh-ter-sahy-kuhl] noun,verb
Safari : jour·ney [jur-nee] noun, plural

Oxford Swahili-English Dictionary

Russell “Captain Slow” Anthony and Adrian “Hurry Up Captain Slow” Jonson hatched a cunning plan to get more out of life. Since they both owned motorcycles and had an affinity for the outdoors, it was time to mix the two. So, in the space of a mere 4 years, it all started coming together.
Where should they venture forth to in this epic adventure?  The following criteria were prerequisites:

  • Intimidating & corrupt government officials
  • Food of dubious quality and standards
  • Areas largely unrecognised by DHL couriers

As they had already been to Wales, they decided to look further afield and fortunately another region matched their criteria; the Dark Continent of Africa. They will surely go where no others have been, albeit accidentally and due to poor map reading skills.

Russell’s normally dire bank balance got a much needed boost following the sale of his house.  Shortly after that, the receipt of a P45 ensured his time in the saddle would not be constrained.

Adrian, on the other hand, still faced a world of mortgages, bills and a better half.  Firstly, SWMBO needed to be consulted with (She Who Must Be Obeyed).  After much discussion, SWMBO gave the nod. There was talk of a lifetime of credits… It was then time to discuss matters with the other boss, a 5 month sabbatical was extremely gracefully granted.

Will it be possible to cover our intended route in 5 months?  Watch this space!

During the preparation stage, it became apparent this journey needed a name. There would be broken backs over mountain passes, but somehow incorporating that into the name seemed inappropriate. Instead we borrowed from the east African language of Swahili, the name translated to Motorcycle Journey.

And so Pikipiki Safari was born.

– After having made it Cape Town, Adrian returned to London whilst Russell decided it is not over just yet.

So, where next for Russell? Seeking corrupt officials and places where people have little understanding of the English Language, its obvious really, South America.

4 Responses to About Pikipiki Safari

  1. inspired says:

    All the best for your final preparations guys. Will be following your travels and keeping you in my prayers. Adrian, you are one lucky man! If I was your better half, my nod would have come with one condition…that I go along on this extraordinary and incredibly exciting adventure… from a SWMBO in New Jersey, USA that is SO inspired by your audacity to challenge intimidating, corrupt, dubious and unrecognised territory! Wow,there’s a tremendous amount of faith needed for this safari! GO RCSA and AHUCSJ !

  2. Nick Fry says:


    Jan and I were on the third GSA on the Santander ferry. Good to hear you are making good progress and the bikes are holding together.

    Take care and we’re thinking of you


  3. traveljunkies.at says:

    Hey Guys

    Have found your page and we are on the same route a few weeks behind you. Wanted to ask you if and where you got the angola and the DRC Visa ????

    wish you both safe travels


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Andi, we got the DRC visa in the UK. It’s extremely important to getit in your country of residence otherwise there is a strong chance you will be turned away at the border, even though you have a valid visa. Check Horizons Unlimited for more,info.
      We dont have an Angolan visa yet, we will get in Matadi, hopefully…

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