Russell’s bike stolen

Yesterday was not a good day, I woke up to find the beast missing. A walk up and down the street and it is definitely not where I parked it the night before. Knowing that we are supposed to be leaving on Friday, I can’t begin to express my shock, anger and disappointment at finding my bike had been stolen.

I frekking love that bike.

Looking back on it now, I’m seeing this as a test of my determination to do this trip. That and that I could possibly set a new world record for finding a replacement bike, get it up to spec, register it, process carnets, all before we leave. Something always works out, it always does…  Dont get me wrong, Im still angry, fuming in fact. But I’ve have been quite touched by some of the support I’ve received from various friends and acquaintances.

Within seconds of posting on UKGSer about the theft and needing a new bike, I got a call from a member offering support. The RAC reckon they can fast track a new Carnet in a few days, reissuing paperwork is my biggest concern. I only hope that the various other agencies that I need to deal with are as helpful.

As I ran out of fuel 20 miles from Gaya, I tucked my gloves into my helmet and stood my the bike wondering who was going to help me this time, and what it would lead to this time. I did not doubt that help would come, and with it most probably some unexpected twist in my fortunes. It had taken years to achieve this measure of confidence and calm, and as I waited I allowed myself some pleasure in knowing it.

Ted Simon, Jupiter’s Travels

P.s. If you came to this site becuase you nicked a bike with Pikipiki Safari stickers on, you can forget all that hippy stuff I’ve just said. On the trip, I will be actively seeking out some of West Africa’s best voodoo, putting the strongest curses on you and your dog.